Are you a woman (20-40) who is a tech entrepreneur, in a math, science, or engineering related position for a company?

Please consider being featured on our Monday night live Google Hangout/Web Series. (8pm Central/9 Eastern).
We feature women across the world who are pursuing careers in the sciences and technology. Our goal is to hope to inspire young women to pursue these careers and give them a roadmap on how they can do the same. We are now booking for dates in December and January. Let us know a little about what you do and a link to your LinkedIn Profile or website.



Be Featured on our Webcast!

Are you a pre-teen or teen who loves science,  web-development, hackathons, or are into tech entrepreneurship?

Do you have a YouTube channel where you share this knowledge?
I would love to interview you! Would you like to get more teens into entrepreneurship, science, or technology by sharing your story? Please sign up to be featured on our Monday Google Hangout. Our hope is to inspire pre-teen and teen women to enter technology, science, and engineering careers by getting involved in technology now! Please contact us to be featured on upcoming shows.