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Miesha Williamson

Miesha Williamson

Elite SAT Math Instructor

While studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, Miesha noticed herself taking more and more time away from her studies and spending it improving her instructional methods, researching inequalities in funding and quality of education between school districts. This is when she became passionate about educating students who did not have equal access to the resources of some of her privileged peers in college.

She has been creating STEM and pre-engineering programming for public schools and university summer programs for over 8 years. She has been tutoring math, SAT, and ACT prep for over 12 years. Her results have put her among the elite tutors in this subject matter.

Desmond K. Martin

Desmond K. Martin

Elite SAT Language Instructor

While studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, Desmond had an opportunity to do youth outreach at a local high school. Since then he fell in love with educating future generations.

Desmond also serves as the Head of Curriculum and Instruction for Paige & Paxton. There he trains early elementary educators in best practices for implementing STEM in engaging ways in the classroom. He has over three years of experience tutoring Detroit Public High School Students.

When Desmond isn’t teaching you can find him serving in his local faith community, longing for another Detroit Tigers World Series and perfecting the perfect smoothie!

Value over private tutoring

Save over private tutoring. This is equivalent to three sessions a week for 6 weeks. This is worth over $1400 of classes for only $400. Our students have achieved results that have saved them and an average of over $100,000 in tuition and fees for college.

Online Group Chat

Studies show that learning in groups increases learning capacity and decreases the amount of time needed to master a subject. Learn with a group of motivated students just like yourself and post questions, videos, and resources in the chat to help you get answers when you need them.


24 hours of classroom time + 8 office hours

That is ALOT of instructional time. Most of our time will be spent completing drills and reviewing, reviewing answers, and practicing strategy. In class we want students to get actual work done and as much time as possible for the students to get coaching in the classroom.

Weekly Office Hours

Online weekly office hours where the instructor will answer questions and work out problems submitted by the students. Learn by seeing questions others may ask and get some one on one time learning from the instructor. See what others had problems with and get help with assignments assigned during the weekend class. Hangouts will be recorded.

Experienced tutors

Over 16 years of combined tutoring and instructional experience. Two mechanical engineers educated at University of Michigan College of Engineering who found a passion for teaching students and helping them improve STEM competencies.


Results Oriented

Tutoring program averages a net of a 200 point increase at the completion of the program. Results vary based on the work ethic of the student. If you are willing to work to complete weekly assignment and ask for help when needed. We will get you results.