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Pre-teen and Teen Girls

Class Starts July 31st, 2017


$200 early-registration Before July 10th

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“I took the class because my mother made me. I was not interested at first. I was surprised that I really enjoyed the class. Coding is cooler than I thought! I really look forward to taking more classes.”


Age 13, Oak Park, IL


Front-End Web-Development
Class Starts July 31st, 2017

What can you do with HTML, CSS, and Javascript?

These are the basic languages used to develop the front-end (what you see) of websites. At the end of these courses, students will be able to make a website from scratch for themselves, or clients. Check out my blog on why learning HTML and CSS is very important.

1.HTML, CSS, & Javascript for teens (10-17) 

  • Week 1: HTML/CSS
  • Week 2: JQuery/Javasript (Mini-Project)
  • Week 3: Jquery/Javascript (Mini-Project)



$200 early-registration Before July 10th

Register Here

Benefits and Features


Weekly video lessons:

These video lessons you can watch when is most convenient for you during the week. You can rewind the video lessons and go back when you want to refer to certain content.

Weekly online office hours:

Here is where you get to ask questions of the instructor and get them worked out live. They are recorded in case you miss it. We can learn best by getting answers to others questions.

Group chat to interact with students:

Studies show that students learn best when able to interact with peers in the class. They can help share resources and motivate and encourage each other to completion.

Status Updates from Instructor

Initial check-in, mid-check in, exit check in with students


Hands on Projects:

Projects are where the rubber meets the road. This is where you can apply the concepts you have learned and make sure that you can apply them in the real world. Don’t fret, if you get stuck you can get help from your fellow classmates and your instructor.

Extra Benefits:

Certificate of completion

Discounts on future classes

Average amount of time spent on projects and watching videos 4 hours a week

Online discussions and group projects are key components to our learning community.

At the end of the course, the instructor will complete a Student Performance Review which will be based on individualized objectives and goals.


$200 early-registration Before July 10th

Class starts July 31st, 2017

Register Here

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