Do you want to know the truth? Why I, out of all people,  started to learn JavaScript? I visited a friend’s house during my lunch break one day. A lot of professionals go home for lunch so I wasn’t surprised. It’s not as if eating at home is uncommon. But when he opened the door, I was surprised, to say the least. He was in his pajamas.

Me: “ I see you didn’t have to go to work today.”

Him: “I am at work. I have been working in my bed today.”

Me: “Confused face”

Him: “I brought my computer in my bed and I have been working all day from home.”

I knew what he did for work.  I knew he’s done this before. did things like this, But for some reason seeing it in person intrigued me. I am a mechanical engineer by schooling, manufacturing engineer by experience and there is no way I could do productive work towards what my job needs away from the office. Some engineers pull all nighters at the factory during product launches. I LOVE machines and process improvement but  not the lifestyle I wanted forever. Now he took on side projects so he often worked late into the night but the freedom to work wherever..intrigued me. I had to give it a try. When I did I liked it! I love to create, that is why I became an engineer. I love with Javascript all I need is a computer to create something that didn’t exist before. 

By learning Javascript, I feel as if I’m on the right path. I haven’t nearly mastered it yet, but I want to make the case for why you should try Javascript as your first coding language.

  • It has front-end and back end capability

A lot of language frameworks are limited. You can build the part of the website you see with some frameworks, but then you need to learn another language or use another platform to store the data you want to enter into the site. I remember I building a website for a client as a project and a more experienced developer told me to build it in a certain language. I seriously spent MANY hours learning the language to build it. When I asked him,  how will I capture the information people put into it? He told me to learn yet another language then mesh the two together with some kind of way. With Javascript, there are many libraries. So there should be a library to fit your front end (what you can see) and your back end (what you can not) needs.

JavaScript runs everywhere (and everything) that you need to build a full-stack web application. This means that JavaScript has a much more logical learning roadmap than any other platform– once you learn it you can keep using it and getting better at it.

You can build complete web-applications using only JavaScript and no other platform today can make that claim.

Free and Low Cost Learning Materials


  • Codeschool
  • Book “Javascript and JQuery by Jon Duckett”


There are soo many more resources out there. I will do another blog+video about how to most efficiently use these resources to teach yourself.


  • Easy Set-up


With Ruby on Rails/Ruby you have to download all this stuff to your computer. It seems like errors are harder to find. You have this model view controller where many layers interact with each other. I mean… it’s a cool language but…blah

With Javascript, I have to open my web-browser and my editor like sublime (Think Microsoft Word for webpages…that is what a text editor does)


  1. Career Opportunities
  • It’s seen adoption from large companies (think: LinkedIn, Google, Netflix) that not only decided to use JavaScript, but to rewrite their entire applications using it. If more companies are using it, demand is increasing. If demand increases, job opportunities open.  Look at the chart below that illustrates a number of job openings in major cities/ areas. Also, check out this Search to get a glimpse at openings.


New York Silicon Valley Chicago Detroit**
Javascript 3,600 3,400* 1,300 600
C++ 2,000 4,500 621 470
Python 4,600 5,966 1,382 272
Ruby/Ruby on Rails 344 203 621 10


**Detroit has less than 1/10th of the population of most of the cities so that is why the job numbers are significantly smaller

* While there are more jobs that use C++ in Silicon Valley, the bigger names were associated with the Javascript jobs., Intuit, Walmart and Apple (Apple has openings for both)


Average Median Income and Average Starting Income

Average Nation Wide

Starting $68,000

Median $110,000

5.(Money, Money Money,MONE…… MONAY!)

Number 5 expands on Number 4. With an influx of career opportunities available, the salaries are increasing to meet demand. Check out the average starting and median income for Javascript developers in major cities.

New York Silicon Valley Chicago Detroit
Starting $68,000 $60,000 62,000 NF
Median $118,000 $122,000 $108,000 NF

So in summary, if you learn Javascript there is a lot of support, a large demand, and you will be compensated nicely if you persist. What do you think? I want you to join our FREE HTML Bootcamp coming up in a few days. This is the precursor or backbones to JavaScript. (Miesha I thought you said you only needed to learn one language? Well HTML is not REALLY a language…it is a script. When we dive into this stuff you will understand)

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5 Reasons Why Women Should Learn JavaScript

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