Strategy #1: Read

Read everyday and discuss article with adults.
The BEST way to increase your reading score is to actually read. I always suggest the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Crain’s Chicago Business, and Black Enterprise (the actual magazine, not online). These magazines and newspapers hold articles written above the standard grade level to challenge your reading ability. When you are able to read and critically think about these articles it improves your reading skills. Being able to discuss these articles with adults improves your comprehension and critical thinking ten fold!

Strategy #2: Increase your vocabulary

Use a vocabulary building workbook like the one below. This is the book I used to build my vocabulary in high school. This led to very high test scores, and increased writing ability. It has a weekly list of vocabulary words and then exercises where you can practice the use of those words. It is AMAZING! Click on image to purchase book.

Strategy #3: Practice, Practice, Practice

Get an SAT reading workbook and practice, practice, practice. As you might notice, I like workbooks. So we are clear, only structured practice will make a difference. When you practice REALLY understand your answer choices and mistakes. Study the answer explanations in the back.

Pro Tip: While taking the test, mark a “?” next to the ones that you are unsure of. Go back and mark the questions you got wrong after completing the test. Look at the answer explanations for the ones you got wrong AND the ones you got right and marked a “?” by. Don’t just read the explanation for the right answer. Read the explanation for the wrong answers as well. Understanding why an answer is wrong is just as important as understanding why an answer is right. Doing this will increase  your study effectiveness tenfold. Click on image to purchase book.

Implementing these strategies and taking timed tests, over and over until you regularly score perfectly will have you well on your way to scoring a perfect score on the SAT critical reading. Stay tuned for part two with more strategies!

I am an elite test prep tutor. I have coached many students this year to scores that have allowed them to save thousands on educational costs. I can be reached at for private tutoring.



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3 Strategies for a Perfect SAT Reading Score

by Miesha Jihan time to read: 2 min