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I wanted to give you the top book resources I use to help my clients raise their ACT scores. Some of the products are the ones I used myself to raise my score over 12 points. These books can be found at the library, but I would suggest you buy them to have them in your library. If you purchase from the links in this blog, a portion of the proceeds go to help furthering our programming. I hope you enjoy!

1.The Real ACT- This is the MUST have book for ACT preppers.
I use this in all of my test prep classes and individual client sessions. It has several real ACT exams that I can assign for homework and work on in our sessions. It also gives very detailed explanations of the answers, correct and incorrect. This is very important for effectiveness of your studying.

2. Math and Science ACT workout-

Many of my clients need extra help with math. They might have breezed through Algebra and don’t remember it in their junior year. This workbook is here to help. As I say to my clients, you can never get enough practice. Also, analyzing each answer explanation is what is going to help you raise that score.

3. Mirriam Webster Vocabulary Builder-

This is the little inexpensive Godsend that I used to boost my vocabulary. I learned 14 words a week using flashcards and the exercises in this book. It is also helpful for AP English Grammar and Lit classes.

4. Webster’s New World Pocket Style Guide-

This is the book you need to have in your arsenal and take it to college with you. It will greatly help with reference for English grammar concepts, and it will help with your overall writing ability.

Essential English Grammar
This has lessons then workbook like exercises to test your knowledge. As you may see, working out problems is the main key to raising your ACT score. You HAVE to have an English workbook which tests English grammar rules so you can see your improvement happening rapidly. I would suggest students start using this book in their freshman year of high school.

What are your favorite prep resources? Anything I missed on this list? I created a FREE course on how I raised my ACT score 12 points. How I raised my ACT score 12 points. I also have private online tutoring to help students gain their best score.

My Top 5 Recommended Books You Need to Boost Your ACT Score

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