Last week I didn’t post a #WCW because I had a hard time determining who I wanted to feature. I have a ton of friends in engineering but I wanted to encompass a wide variety of fields. I thought about a historical figure but I want to really focus on women who are not usually showcased. Our everyday superheros.

But this Friday and Saturday when I spent the whole day with a couple of groups of amazing young ladies who I introduced to the fields of technology and engineering. I showed them the different possibilities in several fields. And encouraged them how they could use science, math, and technology to make an impact in the world.IMG_5685

The responses were amazing, inspiring, entertaining, and humbling

“You changed the way I thought about my future career. I never thought that a chemist makes beauty and skincare products. I would love to do something like that.”

“I never realized these careers existed or realized how much money you could make!”


“I learned so much from this computer class! I want to learn how to build a social network from scratch!”

“Wait so I can learn Web Development, and make money now? How do I do that?”

“My mom signed me up for this class without my permission but it proved to be worth my time. You held my attention for an extraordinarily long amount of time.”IMG_5686 (1)

These women are my superheros. Their imagination and ingenuity. To see how fast they learn and what they create with what I teach them. I teach them HTML and CSS and even math. I show them how to make robots that accomplish tasks with everyday tools. With this knowledge they create avenues to express their interests and passions on a global (www) platform. or invent new ways to solve problems. Imagine what they will do with further pursuit. They will create and

build platforms that will change the world. They are the students, the star players, I am just the teacher and coach. They will do things far greater, more memorable, and make TONS more money than me. That is what I want. I want to inspire and create greatness! With only 20% of women even pursuing engineering and technology degrees we are missing out on a whole generation of innovation and development that are trapped in the brains of young women who were never encouraged, never inspired to be what they could have only been if exposed. That is why I am passionate about my work. That is why I work so hard at what I do. That is why I created SGSN. That is why I will continue to work. They inspire me. My future superwomen. My heros.

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My heros are all under 16

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